Saturday, December 10, 2005

Walls. Caving. In.

I think today has been the moodiest of moody days in the newest episode of "My Life as a High School Student." Or, "My Life so Far." Or, "Life or Something Like it."

My day as a living manifestation of the emotional spectrum:

tired -- up at 5:30am does that to a body
surprised -- nice outside!
confused -- no bus
worried -- still no bus
irritated -- still no bus
elated -- the bus!
relieved -- made it to work with moments to spare... whew
exasperated -- I forgot my regift gift for work! dammit, brain.
disappointed -- romantic red herring discovered as the illusion that it is
bitter -- men suck and are clueless
confused -- what do I want?
chatty -- didn't shut up at the morning meeting
idle -- no customers for the first hour
thirsty -- time for Starbucks. yum.
annoyed -- stinkin' customers start rolling in
frenzied -- eek! they're EVERYWHERE
clever -- I found a hiding spot ;)
hungry -- time for lunch!
happy -- Jo has his break same time as me
giggly -- Jill's in today and she always makes me laugh
intrigued -- cute curly-haired boy in sweater gives me a great smile
talkative -- talking to everyone! Jill, Jo, Megan, Christie, Cherith, Tracy, Kris, Angie, Catherine, Karrie, Lisa
excited -- Cherith got asked out by a random male customer!
jealous -- I want to be asked out by a random male customer!
amused -- Cherith failed to get the NAME of the random male customer
antsy -- is this day done yet?
pleased -- Josh called
exhausted -- I think I've lost a toe or two
ecstatic -- time to go home!
uncomfortable -- stinky people on the bus sitting too close to me
prejudiced -- having non-politically correct thoughts about the stinky people, and the man kicking my seat
guilty -- thanks to prejudiced thoughts
annoyed -- stupid man kicked me in the leg (accidentally, but still)
disgusted -- mother already tipsy at 4pm
lazy -- just want to lay in bed and eat cheese
moved -- watched Good Will Hunting and re-realized what a brilliant movie it is
gooey -- Will and Skylar are so good together!
teary -- who doesn't cry when Will starts crying in that one scene with Robin Williams?
brain dead -- have spent hours in front of the computer on myspace reading people's profiles
frustrated -- drunk mother did not plug in answering machine... missed call from Jeremy
pissed off -- drunk mother playing music very loudly in room next to mine
nervous -- have to tell drunk mother to turn music down, get snapped at
angry -- WHY WHY WHY
desperate -- must get out and away... far far away
trapped -- but I have no where to go
sad -- is this as good as it gets?
warm and fuzzy -- thank god for my cat and her beautiful, beautiful egypt-queen face


At 2:25 AM, Blogger Kent said...

Miss Natalie,

I just wanted to say that I really liked this entry. Such a creative way to tell your story. I wish I could be more like you!

My favourite line by far:
"clever -- I found a hiding spot ;)"

Night night,


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