Friday, October 21, 2005

i'll be dizzy from growing wings

I am listening to my favourite song on my Rascal Flatts album, Long Slow Beautiful Dance.

"A deep breath and baby steps, that's how the whole thing starts. It's a long, slow, beautiful dance, to the beat of a heart."
Jann Arden was amazing... naturally. I am so happy that all the good things we've heard about her were true -- she was even better than I was expecting. I thought I would end up regretting not being more familiar with her music, but in a way, it was nicer not to know the songs she was performing. Instead of expending energy on singing along (which I can't help but do when I know the words) I was able to invest myself entirely in her performance. So many of her songs are so emotional, and so bittersweet. I admit to shedding a few -subtle- tears, and found myself fighting back even more. I couldn't help but wonder how many of her songs are written from her own life experiences...

And, on another music note! Josh called me at work tonight to tell me that Sarah Slean is coming! Ah, Sarah Slean. She is a goddess. But, um, I can't wait a month and two days for her concert. No, really, I can't. I asked Josh, very sweetly I might add, to purloin one of her concert posters for me, but he's too chicken. Still, this news is a panacea, smoothing away the wounds I bear from the dissolution of the Tea Party.

After spending some time tweaking and polishing my New City piece, I submitted it to paper/cuts, the literary magazine that the magazine-editing class is putting together this semester. I was uber-intimidated by the subsequent knowledge that Chantel, Brett, and Jason -- all people I know -- we're going to be the individuals judging it. Fortunately, they appear to like it and are going to include it in their magazine! This is a bit of the email they sent letting me know: Hi Natalie, We've reviewed your piece and are happy to accept it for publication in paper/cuts. Congratulations! Your writing is just stunning. Poetic and lyrical. We loved every minute of it. I just wanted to put that in here because it made me happy. Of course, I still have this irrational fear that they are going to change their minds. But, I'm trying to ignore that feeling in favour of that flush of pleasure that accompanies a peer's approval.

by Aua
To Lighten Heavy Loads

I speak with the mouth of Qeqertuanaq,
and say:
I will walk with leg muscles strong as the
sinews on the shin of a little caribou calf.
I will walk with leg muscles strong as the
sinews on the shin of a little hare.
I will take care not to walk toward the dark.
I will walk toward the day.


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