Saturday, October 22, 2005

I started looking, and the bubble burst

10 Things that Crossed My Mind Today
1. After a near-death experience in the shower this evening, I have decided that I am against the usage of bathmats. Seriously. I think the dangers far outweigh the benefits.
2. Karma sucks. I said something rude yesterday and as a result, when I went to BPs with Stephanie to have my yummy, delicious Twisted Rocket, their stupid slush machine was broken.
3. I find humans snoring VERY annoying, and yet, my kitty is snoring beside me as I write this and I find it nothing less than absolutely adorable.
4. Joel Kroeker STILL gives me the warm fuzzies. "With Me" is one of my all-time favourite songs, and would definately be shortlisted for the soundtrack to my life.
5. My raspberry skin lotion is not very moisturizing. I put some on my dry scaly hands, and after making them soft and supple for a couple of seconds, the effects wore off and I am back to having alligator mitts. My hands are so dry that when I was rubbing them together in the break room today Megan had to cover her ears 'cause she couldn't handle the sound. Tee hee.
6. Age does not bring wisdom. Stephanie and I were talking over dinner, and she had some very insightful comments to make regarding the reasons why I have not been in a romantic relationship in all of my 24 years. And she is younger than me!
7. Ricky Martin is kinda hot. Actually, he is uber hot. At least, he is in his new video (as cheesy as the video itself is). I listened to his old cd, like, three times while I was in receiving today. And I still love it. Shake your bon bon, baby.
8. I am a bit of a hypocrite -- I always tease people for being celebrity-obsessed, and tend to take on an air of being above the whole media culture machine, but when I hear about other people getting to meet famous people, I make myself sick with envy.
9. I always hear people saying "Oh, if I won the power ball I wouldn't even know what to do with all that money!" and find myself thinking they're obviously mentally deficient because I know exactly what I'd do with it all.
10. Japanese manga makes absolutely no sense. I don't care if they put little 'how to read manga' guides inside the front cover. It still makes no sense.


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