Thursday, March 16, 2006

it's all how you use it

Back by popular demand...

SO, I haven't written in this here blog in quite awhile (as has been brought to my attention a few times). Back in January, I decided that I only wanted to write happy thoughts, but every time I sat down to post something new, I had only sad things on the mind. Which goes for right now, too, but I am going to do my best to make this entry something other then morbidly depressing. If I succeed in this endeavour, you have Pink to thank for it, for she is, of late, one of the few things that makes me happy.

I'm sitting in my brother's room, which is not where I want to be (I'd rather be laying in my bed under the covers) but the wireless isn't working well, so I have to remain attached to the modem. Looking around, I see that he's cleaned up, vacuumed, scented with air freshener. This is rare, and has me speculating... My brother has also been quite concerned with what hours I'm working tomorrow (until 10). I wonder if he's planning a little "get together" with his friend-with-benefits. He'd better pray that he's done before I get home, because if he's not I will break down his door and humiliate him thoroughly -- and not in the joking, ha-ha way of a teasing older sister. I kind of hate my brother at the moment, and would most certainly derive pleasure from his discomfort.

Asia, my cat, is sitting and looking up at me expectantly. She LOVES to play with those plastic rings that come around the mouth of jugs of milk, and will put it right by my foot and sit there with her eyes trained on it until I throw the damn piece of plastic SOMEWHERE so that she can experience the thrill of the chase that has been so long lost to the domesticated feline. I do love looking at her, though. Only people who have had cats can really understand what it's like to love one, and how someone can love a cat so much that they'll throw stupid little rings of plastic down the hall for it.


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